Success Story

rightmart: 5 claims in one template - How Rightmart started with LAWLIFT.

Case study

Rightmart Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH automated as one of the first automation projects with LAWLIFT a claim with approx. 60 pages as well as an out-of-court brief.

The past

Rightmart used to work with Word and Webmerge. That was very clumsy. The logic had to be incorporated and adapted "by hand" and it was very expensive. In its previous operations, rightmart had not yet done any real template management. The increasing success of the law firm inevitably led to further professionalisation and thus to LAWLIFT.

The new approach

Rightmart has combined 5 previous Word templates into one intelligent template and has also automated the out-of-court document creation process in LAWLIFT. With just a few clicks, the corresponding legal document can now be generated and is always up to date.

View the template

The solution impresses above all with its ease of use, template management, agility, easy updatability and of course with its time savings.

"With LAWLIFT, document automation takes on a whole new dynamic and is euphorically accepted in the legal departments - you can really feel the workload melting away"

Marco Klock, Rightmart CEO and Co-Founder

Customer's favourite features

Dynamic question catalogue, no-code editor, module system, central updating.

The profile

Rightmart was founded in 2015 with the scope to improve access to justice for consumers. In cooperation with legal protection insurers and online portals, Rightmart offers a 100% digital processing of mandates.

Marco Klock is Co-Founder and CEO of companies and brands like Rightmart, Casecheck, Edicted and Atornix. Since 2016, the Legal Tech companies have been dealing with the legal problems of consumers. More than 25,000 mandates per year are managed nationwide.

Marco Klock
Rightmart Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
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