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Corona forced closure - risk-free compensation with the Wengert GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft

Case study

During the Corona crisis many shops have to close. Many self-employed entrepreneurs lose their livelihoods as a result.

However, it was largely unknown that those affected have a right to compensation under § 56 Infection Protection Act.

The past

Being right and enforcing the law are two different things. Typically, the person seeking legal advice must first find a lawyer who knows the claim and the area of law so that one can assert and, if necessary, enforce his rights. From a lawyer's point of view, it only makes sense to deal with this "new" field of law in depth if there are sufficient mandates behind it that justify the investment economically.

The new approach

Wengert GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft has built a complete monothematic portal called Even the gathering of facts and the generation of the necessary letters are automated there with LAWLIFT. The lawyers check the information, consult with the new clients if necessary and make the necessary applications.

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The offer of Wengert GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft is initially available free of charge to those affected who are in a situation of existential need. Remuneration is only paid in the event of success. This lowers the inhibition threshold and breaks the vicious circle associated with the forced closure of the business. Money for a lawyer is no longer available in this situation.

"With LAWLIFT we were able to implement a completely new automation product in just a few days. On the occasion of the Corona crisis we automated the process of filing compensation requests. The focus is on a catalogue of questions which we make available to affected persons on our website and with which we gather all relevant information. With the help of the facts recorded in this way, we are put in a position to immediately file an application for immediate aid or compensation. This is a gain for us and our new clients".

Sascha Wenger, Wengert GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft

Publishing solution, publish question catalogue, no-code editor.

The profile

Wengert GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft is a law firm specialised in advising medium-sized companies and private individuals.

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