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Fauri Law: "FL Dr@ft" Service powerded by LAWLIFT

Case study

The Canadian law firm offers members of its programme prepared templates in the context of Canadian corporate law. Members of "FLConnect" can generate their own documents without restrictions via the website "". Fauri Law wants to support small to medium-sized companies and start-ups in particular.

Direct acces to "FL Dr@ft™ Document Automation"

The past

There was simply no such possibility.

The new approach

The templates are based on the LAWLIFT publication solution. Customers are able to create their own documents, while at the same time the author is able to keep the templates centrally up-to-date and quickly implement any legal changes.

View the template

LAWLIFT's technology enables Fauri Law to provide up-to-date templates to their clients and members. There is no need for time-consuming revision. The ease of use in particular enables efficient use by non-experienced members who can start work immediately.

"For high volume and high repeatable work such as procurement of services and products or a particular contracting need, Lawlift offers businesses the chance to level up their efficiency with document automation technology that allows legal and business teams to quickly and independently generate tailor-made documents from their desktop and mobile.”

Khaled El Fauri

Founder of Fauri Law

Customer's favourite features

The publication function of LAWLIFT is of particular importance. This enables the integration of the created templates into their own website, members and clients can create their individual documents directly from our website.

The profile

Khaled El Fauri

Founder of Fauri Law

Phone: + 1 416 915 4233

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