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Learn how we employ artificial intelligence in the creation of automation templates, keeping legal document automation predictable and reliable.

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No-code editor

Creating even complex template rules has never been easier. Define logic by simply selecting elements in the user interface.
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Multi-document workflows

Take document automation to the next level: Automate multiple documents in a single template and create highly dynamic workflows.

Bilingual templating*

Create templates for bilingual documents with our dedicated set of features. This includes DeepL-powered automated translations in real time (DeepL account required).

Instant automation preview

You can switch between the template editor and a fully functional preview at any time. This helps you keep control and speed up your templating workflow.

Embed and share everywhere*

Create publications and embed them in platforms and various media. Or simply send a link to someone.

White label*

Make it all yours. Style publications and apply your own or your clients' corporate identity.

Full access control*

Restrict the access to your publications to certain IP addresses or emails. You can also require one-time passcodes.

Publish selectively*

You might not always want to publish a complete template: grant users access to only the questionnaire and stay in control of the resulting documents.

Calculations & advanced rules

Level up your productivity by using complex calculations and defining mathematical and semantic rules in your templates.

Modular reusable components

Modules are template snippets which you can use and combine within multiple templates while you manage and edit them in one place.

Custom user roles*

Take fine grained control of the user roles in your organization. Define custom roles and manage access rights according to you specific needs.

Well-documented API*

Integrate our application with your systems in order to build seamless custom workflows.
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*available only to users of the Unlimited plan

AI-powered templating greatly increases the ROI of automation projects

Template based document automation continues to provide exactly the solid foundation needed for high-quality legal work. With the support of AI, creating LAWLIFT templates becomes even easier and faster than before.

Let AI assistants do the heavy lifting

"The integration of AI in legal processes marks a significant leap forward, yet the essence of legal practice remains unchanged—risk management and precision.

LAWLIFT is at the forefront of this development, revolutionizing how we create and automate documents while keeping our legal obligations firmly in hand."

Sebastian Juli,
Lawyer and partner at vangard | Littler

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