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Fauri Law Service LAWLIFT

Fauri Law offers a suite of high-quality legal document automation services called FL Dr@ft™. Based on LAWLIFT, members are provided with comprehensive and powerful templates in Canadian corporate law.

Automation of the contract portfolio

Wirth Schmies und Partner has automated a large part of their frequently used contracts. Working with LAWLIFT allows contracts to be updated centrally, so all users in the interdisciplinary firm of auditors, tax advisors, lawyers and notaries can access up-to-date templates.

DHPG - full contract set for client

The entire contract set of the company synalis was automated with lawlift. This includes the project contract, license agreement, order processing agreement, software maintenance agreement, etc.

Employment contract (dental clinic)

On the self-service portal of the law firm KMW employers from the health care sector can create a first draft of a labor contract themselves with just a few clicks. Here is an example for employers in the field of dentistry.

Automated notices

McDermott Will & Emery has implemented the automation of authorization notices for public administration.

Risk-free compensation

Risk free request for compensation according to Infection Protection Act.

Claims automated

5 claims in one template - How Rightmart started with LAWLIFT.

Legal Tech Everywhere

The law firm started with LAWLIFT in 2017 and has been using LAWLIFT throughout the law firm since then. How did this develop?

Short-time work

COVID-19: KREMER RECHTSANWÄLTE automated an agreement on short-time work after checking automatically whether it is necessary or not.

Procurement of IT Services

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, one of the largest German law firms, automated the Supplementary Contract Terms for the Procurement of Information Technology.

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