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Seidler & Kollegen - The start with LAWLIFT - Legal Tech in use by a medium-sized law firm with 11 lawyers - Document Automation

Case study

The law firm started with LAWLIFT in 2017 and has been using LAWLIFT throughout the law firm since then. How did this develop?

The past

Prior to LAWLIFT, the firm had already worked entirely digitally, but each lawyer still used his or her own Word templates. This was annoying and error-prone. Even then, the manual adaptation of the clauses to the facts of the case, taking into account all cross-references, no longer felt up-to-date. The fact that the same clauses and cross-references had to be checked and adapted again and again clearly clouded the pleasure of the work. In addition, it was by no means guaranteed that new, improved formulations would then be immediately transferred back into the Word template. What was still missing, however, was the cross-law firm exchange of proven clauses and new ideas.

The new approach

The law firm has collected all drafts and clauses, law firm-wide. They wanted to bring the know-how together. They started in inheritance law and corporate law and automated templates with LAWLIFT, which are frequently used. Today the law firm has automated a large number of templates: Mandate contracts (consultancy contract, remuneration agreement, liability agreement, money laundering form, GDPR agreement etc.), company formation documents (articles of association of the company, registration with the commercial register, certificate of incorporation, list of shareholders, managing director service agreement, text blocks for status determination procedures of the German Pension Insurance), inheritance contracts, wills, living wills and advance directives and powers of attorney.

View the template

Today, one of the most common use cases are the mandate contracts. Without LAWLIFT there would be the risk that employees would still use a contract that specifies the 15 minute cycle. This billing method was classified as inadmissible by the Federal Court of Justice. All employees of the firm look proactively where clauses or issues affect several employees. If, for example, there is new case law on compensation for gain, this not only plays a role in the marriage contract but also in company law. The automation of templates is firmly anchored in the law firm and the lawyers can now concentrate fully on the specifics of the individual case. This is highly appreciated by the clients

"LAWLIFT was the right step forward for us. A very easy to use software, which also allows us as lawyers to handle automation ourselves. We are thus neither dependent on nor dependent on hiring programmers. Today we have become much faster. All lawyers in the firm share their knowledge and benefit from each other's work: A lawyer updates a clause based on a new case law and all lawyers can access it immediately.

We started out earlier with the automation of formalities. So we are neither bound to hire programmers nor dependent on them. Today, we concentrate on automating the content in the first step, followed by the formalities and finally the adaptation to the individual case. In this way we get real added value much faster. And that's really a lot of fun!"

Sebastian Seidler, Partner Seidler & Kollegen

Setting-up rules, no-code-editor, modules.

The profile

The law firm Seidler & Kollegen is based in Weil am Rhein and in Waldshut-Tiengen. With currently 11 lawyers, they are among the largest law firms in the region. The renowned Nomos-Verlag publishing house has ranked the law firm among the leading commercial law firms in Germany for many years in its handbook "Kanzleien in Deutschland".

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