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Do you still draft every document manually? Design and use your own document automation templates instead. No coding skills required.

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Once you've experienced the magic of document automation, you might never look back. Stop spending hours on drafts. Create even the most complex documents within minutes.

It's as easy as answering a questionnaire and watching your document being created in real-time. You're always in control.

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Make content available to anyone you want

Use our publications feature to give clients, team members or whole departments self-service access to automated document templates.

"With LAWLIFT we can meet the requirements of our clients much faster. At the same time the software helps us to ensure quality control in a fast-paced everyday work life."

Dr. Thorsten Kuthe
Lawyer & partner at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

Design smart templates without writing a single line of code

It's all about ease of use. Our clean no-code editor enables everyone to create complex document template logic right away. You can even build bilingual templates in virtually no time using our AI-powered workflow.

No steep learning curves. No need to depend on external or centralised authoring services.

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Uncompromisingly secure

A great product needs to comply with the highest security standards.

Thoroughly tested application security

Our solution is assessed and penetration tested by renowned specialists on a regular basis.

ISO 27001 certified with servers located in Germany

We are ISO 27001 certified and run dedicated servers in german maximum security data centers.

Zero knowledge principle & encryption

Our recipe for keeping your data safe: encrypt it before it is sent to the server.

A rich set of features

Learn what makes our solution stand out.

Visual rule engine

Creating even complex template rules has never been easier. Define logic by simply selecting elements in the user interface.
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Instant automation preview

You can switch between the template editor and a fully functional preview at any time. This helps you keep control and speed up your templating workflow.

Multi-document workflows

Take document automation to the next level: Automate multiple documents in a single template and create highly dynamic workflows.

Bilingual templating

Create templates for bilingual documents with our dedicated set of features. This includes DeepL-powered automated translations in real time (DeepL account required).

Embed and share everywhere

Create publications and embed them in platforms and various media. Or simply send a link to someone.

White label

Make it all yours. Style publications and apply your own or your clients' corporate identity.

Full access control

Restrict the access to your publications to certain IP addresses or emails. You can also require one-time passcodes.

Publish selectively

You might not always want to publish a complete template: grant users access to only the questionnaire and stay in control of the resulting documents.

Calculations & advanced rules

Level up your productivity by using complex calculations and defining mathematical and semantic rules in your templates.

Modular reusable components

Modules are template snippets which you can use and combine within multiple templates while you manage and edit them in one place.

Custom user roles

Take fine grained control of the user roles in your organization. Define custom roles and manage access rights according to you specific needs.

Well-documented API

Integrate our application with your systems in order to build seamless custom workflows.
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What is document automation?

Document automation stands for the automatic creation of documents using automation templates. Those templates contain a questionnaire, text, variables and logical links between those elements. To create a document, all you have to do is answer a series of questions. Depending on the answers, the document is assembled and filled with data.

What are the benefits of Document automation?

Automated documents no longer have to be written by hand. Answering a questionnaire is much faster. Therefore, document automation leads to considerable savings in time and resources.  

Document automation also helps to delegate tasks more easily. The legal know-how is already "built into" the document template by the author. Questions can be formulated and provided with hints in such a way that the questionnaire can be answered by less experienced employees or even legal laymen.

‍Perhaps most importantly, document automation can be used to standardize documents. This helps to ensure a consistently high quality of content, as well as making it easier to review and manage documents.

Which documents can be automated?

Document automation is particularly suitable for document types that are needed relatively frequently and that exhibit a high degree of variance and a certain complexity.