Shareholder agreement (multilingual)

The shareholder agreement is a typical case of automation. Combine any clauses and simply select the desired language and which language combination you want to use.

Executive employment contract (Bilingual)

Draw up the bilingual executive employment contract with different clause variants in no time at all.

Employment contract (single language)

Employment contracts can be offered as a self-service, centrally standardised and easily updated template.

Document package for the termination of an employee

Create all the necessary documents for the dismissal of an employee, including consultation with the works council and a possible release from work, in just one template.

Commercial agency agreement (selective distribution system)

See how quickly it is possible to create a complete contract between manufacturer and distributor for the distribution of a product. You can customise the content and decide whether a cover letter should be generated.

Foundation of a company

The foundation of a company is the classic case of automation. With only one questionnaire, all documents necessary for the formation of a company can be created.

Board organizational resolution

Form of resolutions of the board of directors that can be used in lieu of an organizational meeting for a corporation incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) or the Ontario Business Corporations Act (OBCA).

Franchise agreement (bilingual)

Take a look at this example to see how a bilingual franchise agreement can be created with just a few clicks.


An NDA can be simple or complex. Just take a look at how varied an NDA can be and how quickly a first draft can be created despite its complexity.

Commercial agency agreement (bilingual)

Accelerate sales and create the agency contract in a few clicks from an intelligent template. You won't forget any cross connections.

Employee reference

Create the appropriate job reference with just a few clicks.

License and know-how agreement

Use your expertise and generate the appropriate first draft for a license and know-how agreement from your templates with just a few clicks.

Shareholder agreement (simple & self-service)

You can provide your clients with a first draft of a simple shareholder agreement as self-service, if you wish.

DHPG - full contract set for client

The entire contract set of the company synalis was automated with LAWLIFT. This includes the project contract, license agreement, order processing agreement, software maintenance agreement, etc.

Software license agreement

Generate an individual Software License Agreement in just a few steps with this template and chose which clauses you need in your contract.

Services agreement

With this template you can create a services agreement in a few steps, just decide which clauses should be part of the contract.

SCC - Standard contractual clauses (EU Commission)

The European Commission offers companies and legal users standard contractual clauses that provide a legally secure basis for data exchange in countries where a level of data protection comparable to the DSGO is not achieved.

With the automated template, you can generate a version of the SCC that fits your use case in just a few moments.

Here you can find the english Version!

Website development agreement (Multiple-Choice)

With a few clicks you will be able to generate a comprehensive website development agreement, customized to your needs. Try it out!

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