Labour Law

Employee reference

Create the appropriate job reference with just a few clicks.

Employment contract

Employment contracts can be offered as a self-service, centrally standardised and easily updated template.

Employment contract (dental clinic)

On the self service portal of the law firm KMW employers from the health care sector can create a first draft of a labor contract themselves with just a few clicks. Here is an example for employers in the field of dentistry.

Employment contracts (Multi-Document)

Fill in a questionnaire and choose between a standard employment contract, one for working students, one for low-income earners or one for freelancers.

Employment contracts (multi-lingual)

Use a questionnaire to create employment contracts in different languages, bilingual or monolingual, as you wish.

Executive employment contract (Bilingual)

Draw up the bilingual executive employment contract with different clause variants in no time at all.


An NDA can be simple or complex. Just take a look at how varied an NDA can be and how quickly a first draft can be created despite its complexity.

Short-time work

COVID-19: Kremer Lawyers automated an agreement on short-time work after checking automatically whether it is necessary or not.

Termination Agreement

Quickly prepare a first draft of a termination agreement with the appropriate clauses and finish the termination process as fast as possible.

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