Family Law

Inheritance contract

You do not have to keep thinking about the same clauses and their cross-connections. You can draw up an initial draft of an inheritance contract based on your know-how in just a few minutes.

Marriage contract (Interview only)

You can also save yourself the effort of entering the data essential to the contract and let the clients fill it in. For you, creating a document is then just a click on a button.

Marriage contract on separation of property (simple)

Individualize a marriage contract on separation of property with just a few questions.

Patient decree / Living Will (multi-lingual)

With just a few clicks you can generate a patient decree or living will and have them generated in the language of your choice.

Shareholder agreement (multi-lingual)

The shareholder agreement is a typical case of automation. Combine any clauses and simply select the desired language and whether the document should be bilingual or monolingual.

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