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Board Organizational Resolution

Form of resolutions of the board of directors that can be used in lieu of an organizational meeting for a corporation incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) or the Ontario Business Corporations Act (OBCA).

Fauri Law Service LAWLIFT

Fauri Law offers a suite of high-quality legal document automation services called FL Dr@ft™. Based on LAWLIFT, members are provided with comprehensive and powerful templates in Canadian corporate law.

Letter of Intent Share Acquisition

See how you can easily generate customised Letter of intents using this template, for example for share acquisition.

Shareholders' Resolutions

Create an individual shareholder's resolution in just a few steps. See how easy it is!

Shareholder Agreement (simple & self-service)

You can provide your clients with a first draft of a simple shareholder agreement as self-service, if you wish.

Software License Agreement

Generate an individual Software License Agreement in just a few steps with this template and chose which clauses you need in your contract.

Services Agreement

With this template you can create a services agreement in a few steps, just decide which clauses should be part of the contract.

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