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Kremer Rechtsanwälte Vereinbarungen zur Kurzarbeit

Case study

With the beginning of the Corona crisis, a number of employment contracts had to be examined to see whether they were compatible with the possibility to agree on short-time work. Quite often an agreement on short-time work had to be concluded with the employee. KREMER RECHTSANWÄLTE has automated these steps with LAWLIFT.

The past

In the past, a Word template was sent by e-mail without any further adjustments or preliminary checks. The Word file was then often copied, manually adapted, deleted, searched for a long time and used again and again. The drafting of supplementary agreements could not be easily delegated, and there was no uniformity and easy access to the contract template. In many countless, cases it was not even possible to make a quick initial assessment.

The new approach

With LAWLIFT the law firm has automated 2 Steps. First: The examination of the permissibility of the agreement of short-time work on the basis of the previous employment contract. Second: The preparation of a supplementary agreement to the previous contract in the event that the previous employment contract did not permit short-time work or the provision was invalid. You can try out a first demo yourself here (in German):

View the template

The catalogue of questions of KREMER RECHTSANWÄLTE includes dynamic questions and queries. Thus, the submission enables a first preliminary examination under labour law as to whether there is any need for action at all.

An agreement on short-time work can be drawn up immediately as a supplementary agreement to the employment contract and integrated into it. There is no need for a cumbersome amendment to the text of the employment contract. The drafting process is thus simple and low-threshold.

KREMER RECHTSANWÄLTE's tool also takes into account the transparency requirements of case law. In this way, both employers and employees know what is to be expected. This promotes a meeting at eye level, which is of great value for both sides especially in the difficult times of the COVID 19 crisis for both sides.

With the publication solution, questionnaires and sample contracts within the group can be made easily accessible to all HR and specialist departments. Each department gets access to a uniform template via a link. Deviations due to individual agreements are avoided.

"With LAWLIFT we were able to provide our clients very quickly with a legally effective agreement on short-time work including a small preliminary examination. For our clients the entry into our new offer with the help of LAWLIFT was easy and low-threshold, as with other contracts. All you have to do is click on a link and answer the questions. Even the word layout is then already finished. In the times of COVID-19 this is a great help for our clients."

Sascha Kremer, Partner KREMER RECHTSANWÄLTE:

The profile

KREMER RECHTSANWÄLTE started out as a boutique law firm that is breaking new ground in terms of the subject matter and corporate culture. Today, the law firm has 15 employees who work with an integrated service approach in the areas of  IT (information technology), data protection, distribution, regulation, procurement and labour. Clients include DAX corporations, small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and churches.

If you are specifically interested in a current and legally effective agreement on short-time work or other sample contracts in LAWLIFT such as employment contracts, contract processing contracts or data protection notices, please contact Mr. Sascha Kremer or Mr. Kristof Kamm:

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