Success Story

DHPG - Automation of the contract set of the system house synalis

Case study

The entire contract set of the company synalis was automated with LAWLIFT. This includes the project contract, license agreement, order processing agreement, software maintenance agreement, etc.

The past

There were many templates, some of which were no longer up to date, in the form of Word documents that had to be filled in manually each time. These were also prone to errors in that there was no "main contract" as a template and there were many repetitive paragraphs and clauses in different contracts, which was particularly time-consuming when updating contracts.

The new approach

With LAWLIFT, the previously used Word templates can be replaced. Previously, there were around twenty different contract templates, some of which had identical content. With LAWLIFT, the templates could be reduced and revised in such a way that they can no longer be used independently of each other, but in a project context. Time-consuming updates of different documents are no longer necessary.

The advantages of working with LAWLIFT are leaner contracts that are less prone to errors in their creation. In addition, this happens in less time and the approval by the client can also be faster.

View the template

The contracts are available in one central location. They are always up-to-date (maintenance of the central contracts by dhpg lawyers). Filling and contract creation are quick and easy.

"For companies that regularly create many standardised contracts, LAWLIFT offers an enormous reduction in workload and time. The effort and complexity of drafting are reduced, as is the error rate. In addition, many clients will benefit from 'leaner' contracts through the use of LAWLIFT."

Dr Christian Lenz, lawyer and partner at dhpg

The favourite feature is the fill-in dialogue, through which it is possible to guide the user through the drafting of the contract with precise and understandable questions in different formats (choice, text field, multiple choice). In this way, she or he can make even complex legal decisions.

The profile

dhpg is one of the leading medium-sized consulting firms in Germany, specialising in the core areas of auditing, tax consulting, legal consulting as well as insolvency administration, restructuring consulting and IT services. With more than 600 employees at eleven locations, the owner-managed company is one of the 15 largest in its sector. dhpg is part of the Nexia network, which is one of the top 10 international consulting networks with over 36,000 employees in 120 countries and a turnover volume of 4.3 billion US dollars.

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