Success Story

KMW: Establishment of a joint practice in the medical sector

Case study

The KMW law firm uses LAWLIFT to draw up contracts for the establishment of joint practices. KMW's clients include among others doctors, dentists, Pharmaceutical companies, and pharmacists. Thanks to LAWLIFT's technology, the highly standardised contracts can be adapted dynamically during the consultation, and the clients can immediately be shown potential options for defining the content of the contract.

The past

In the past, the contracts were created on the basis of Word templates. Due to the lack of automation, time-consuming contract drafting was necessary.

The new approach

With the LAWLIFT publishing solution, KMW offers its customers the possibility to generate documents independently. Clients can be provided with notes and explanations on the various contract models, and the lawyers from KMW are available to answer any questions. Central updating of the templates ensures legal certainty.

View the template

The workflow is significantly more efficient through the use of LAWLIFT. By using the LAWLIFT templates, clients can submit their personal data and any change requests directly to KMW. The process is transparent, contract models and content clause options are immediately visible to the client.

"It's fun to incorporate Legal Tech into everyday business. The work can be done much more efficiently. The client is directly involved in the process of drafting the employment contract and is well prepared for the subsequent consultation. Open questions can be answered directly and the contract can be amended immediately in LAWLIFT. This allows a high quality result and the client's financial resources are spared."

Customer's favourite features

No-code editor, publications

The profile

KMW deliberately specialises in providing ambitious advice to service providers in the healthcare sector. In order to work in this field, a passion for economically complex contexts, extensive experience and tactical sensitivity are required in addition to professional legal qualifications. Healthcare companies in particular have to adapt very quickly to new legal and economic situations. KMW focuses on medical and corporate law (including the establishment and sale of practices, MVZs, clinics), the restructuring of healthcare facilities, and data protection law.

Lawyer Katharina Lieben-Obholzer

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